• The true value of ImpactFest is the giant partner network. During the Meetup sessions you can meet our partners and take a deep dive together.
  • During the Impact Sessions we will bring impact investors, funds and purpose driven corporates and organisations together with impact startups and scale ups to sharpen their story and explore potential leads and deals. Matchmaking is key. As such, these sessions are carefully curated and on the basis of invitation only.
  • The main purpose of a Roundabout is to engage in an in-depth discussion on specific topics within the table hosts’ expertise. You can consider these Roundabout sessions as intimate and interactive small-scale workshops in which participants will not only learn from the host, but from all participants at the table. We take a deep-dive with 4-7 guests into the expertise of the session host. In three consecutive rounds we will host 100 different Roundabouts.
  • Euclid Network, together with the European Commission will be hosting a special invite only meetup will be hosted for 30 high level public officials from all over Europe. Together they will be sharing best practices on social enterprise policy and identifying ways to improve local ecosystem for social impact.
  • To celebrate the collaboration between ImpactCity and the EVPA, an invitational dinner will be hosted. More than 150 international top investors and policy makers will be connected to national and regional strategy key partners such as Fond 1818, FMO, IQ, Greenport West-Holland and Doen Foundation. They will exchange knowledge, experiences and connect to strengthen the impact ecosystem as a whole.


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