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Affordable housing in Europe’s capital cities

Hosted by: Hilke Nijmeijer

By 2050 the world population has grown to 9.8 bn (from 7.7 bn currently) and approx. 68% of world’s population will live in urban areas, as projected by the UN. With people living longer and increase in one- and two-person households demand for housing far outstrips the supply, driving the cost above the affordable range (40% of disposable household income). CBRE Global Investors will focus on having a positive impact on the affordability of houses in major European cities. The aim is to mobilise institutional money (pensions funds and insurance companies) into socially responsible investment in affordable, good quality and sustainable rental homes for median income households in the top-15 metropolitan areas in Europe.

Is affordability the responsibility of real estate investors?
What role is there for developers and municipalities?
Should institutional investors accept lower returns for an impact fund?

Please help us and share your opinion!