The true value of ImpactCity is the impact community in the Hague and beyond. Several of our beloved partners host a Meetup during Impact StartupFest.

From launching Social Finance NL, to the HiiL Regional finals and the Annual event of the Dutch Coalition of Humanitarion innovation. Join the Meetups make impact together!

DCHI Annual Event

Join the yearly event on innovation in the humanitarian sector organized by the Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation!

The event is aimed at learning, sharing and inspiring each other. Meet people from companies, humanitarian organizations and knowledge institutions working on innovation and broaden your horizon during the multiple sessions.

ECE Innovation Driver Program

Today’s organizations are increasingly focused on (open) innovation and entrepreneurship for the purpose of their growth and renewal. This interactive training session helps you to develop the knowledge, skills and mindset necessary to build and maintain a sustainable corporate innovation and entrepreneurship capability. This Meetup is hosted by the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, following their experience in providing the Innovation Driver Certification Program.

Foodstars Meetup

Passionate about innovations in horti-tech and the food industry? Join our meetup and celebrate the end of the first edition of FoodStars accelerator together with our startups and partners.

Learn more about the latest achievements of our portfolio startups, connect with stakeholders of the food industry and explore how you can be part of the FoodStars ecosystem.

More details: 

  Contact Sergey on and get a chance to get an exclusive invitation to FoodStars meetup

HiiL Meetup

Every year HiiL (The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law) holds the Innovating Justice Challenge. This competition aims to scout, select and support the world’s best justice innovators, that contribute to our mission: ‘to prevent and resolve the most pressing justice needs’.
From over 400 applications we selected 50 that will pitch at regional finals in Uganda, Kenia, Nigeria, South Africa, as well as here in the Hague, during Impact Startup Fest! Do you want to know how we can make justice more user-friendly? What innovation looks like in the legal sector? How we can improve access to justice! Join us at the Dutch Regional Final, of the Innovating Justice Challenge, to see the pitches of the 6 Dutch Finalists!

Social Enterprise Thesis Contest

Social enterprises are businesses with a social mission, impact first! Social enterprises are a populair tpoic among students and an increasing number of students write their thesis about social entrepreneurship. To give the research of students a bigger platform Social Enterprise NL organises, together with the Social Entrepreneurs Initiative of Utrecht University, the yearly Social Enterprise Thesis Contest.

During Impact Startup Fest, the five nominees will present their thesis and a jury will pick a winner. Come visit the Social Enterprise Thesis Contest to learn more on the latest developments in the world of social entrepreneurship.

Reinventing Business Models for Impact

Social and commercial business models are colliding. Not for profits are becoming more business-like and commercial enterprise is becoming more socially conscious. But are our current business models fit for the future? Do we need to find new ways of matching funding and capital to social impact? Join our workshop if you are interested in:
• Testing your current business model
• Meeting and learning how other organisations are tackling their challenges
• Helping codesign a new business model canvas for social impact
• Get inspired by innovation and business model design experts

More Info:

EVPA – Are we hijacking social impact?

EVPA and its member MCE Social Capital will explore this question during this member-dedicated event at the Impact Startup City.

Together with Elena Pons, impact investing specialist and lecturer on social investment topics at the ESADE Business School, we will take a careful look at the true difference between Impact First and Finance First, discussing topics such as impact preservation, impact washing and the making of trade-offs when scaling social impact. We’ll examine the balance between wealth and impact and the role of intentionality.

Afterwards we’ll join the official launch of Social Finance NL!

BNR: Media training

Getting your startup in the media and not ending up in a bin with your press release. Getting attention from journalists is hard, What are the stories that ARE relevant?

John van Schagen published two books about starting a company, he made radio shows for BNR Newsradio and produces story for outlets like Sprout, Financieele Dagblad, and De Ondernemer. He is the guy that knows perfectly how you can plug a story to a journalists, and reach a big audience

In this session you will get examples of companies that successfully used smart (and cheap) PR. Take your advantage, maybe your next in the BNR studios!

Launch of Social Finance NL

Social Finance NL works on sustainable and effective solutions for social challenges. We do so by facilitating innovative collaborations between governments, social entrepreneurs and (impact) investors, based on data-driven analyses and outcomes-based contracts.

At the Impact Start Up fest Social Finance NL will officially launch and open its doors in the Netherlands, powered by its founding partners, ABN AMRO Bank and the Oranje Fonds.

For more information visit

We Share: Revolving Impact Capital

Are you curious about new ways to fuel impact innovation? Then come get acquainted with We Share at our first public appearance / pre-launch!

We Share is a new circular fund that supports local solutions to global challenges in a ground breaking manner. Our community brings together members from across society. Together, We Share for progress by extending revolving patient capital to impact startups. Our goal is to fuel the transition to a sustainable and impact-driven economy where impactful innovations have greater chances of blooming.