Roundabout hosts

Here is an overview of all roundabout hosts during Impact Startup Fest that explore the exciting intersections between entrepreneurship, technology, creativity, and impact.

The main purpose of a Roundabout is to engage in an in-depth discussion on specific topics within the table hosts’ expertise.

You can consider these Roundabout sessions as intimate and interactive small-scale workshops in which participants will not only learn from the host, but from all participants at the table. We take a deep-dive with 4-6 guests into the expertise of the session host. Participants can indicate which areas are most relevant for them in their daily practice.

The Roundabout host will bring specific expertise and relevant experience to the table. A mind map will function as a tool to show participants your expertise and the possible topics that could be discussed. The mind map is like a topic overview from which the table participants can choose.

Check out all the Roundabout hosts. Please note that you can choose four timeslots!