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NGO and Company Partnerships for Inclusive Business

Hosted by: Partos

For companies that aim to create social impact in low-income markets, inclusive business will be the ‘new normal’. Yet, companies face several challenges: How do we reach our target group? How do we raise awareness of our product or service? How can we include local people in the value chain? Often, they turn to NGOs with expertise of working in these markets.

This session, moderated by Nelleke van der Vleuten and Isabel von Blomberg, explores what it takes for NGOs and companies to develop successful partnerships for inclusive business. NGOs and companies often speak a different language, use other performance indicators, and have different perspectives on funding. We will provide lessons learned from our research; in an interactive way we will explore the challenges and solutions of the two worlds working together to achieve greater social impact.

The starting point is the recent guide on this topic for which Partos/The Spindle partnered with Endeva.